Building Numbering

Dear Building Owner of Owls Head;

The following are instructions for the new Enhanced 911 house and rural mail delivery numbering. The reason for the change is, of course, so that responders can find your residence in case of an emergency.

All owners of structures shall place the number assigned to that structure within sixty (60) days of the official notice date of October 1, 1999. Assigned numbers shall be posted in the following manner:

     a. Number on the Structure or Residence. Where the residence or structure is within fifty (50) feet of the edge of the road right-of-way, the assigned number shall be displayed on the front (facing that road) of the residence or structure near the entry door.

      b. Number at the Street Line. Where the residence or structure is over fifty (50) feet from the road right-of-way, the assigned number shall be displayed on a post, fence, wall, mail box, or on some structure at the property line next to the walk or access drive to the residence or structure. Note - lf a mail box is being used to post an address point. The mail box shall be the only one present and shall be on the same side of the road as the residence or structure. Numbers shall be four (4) inches minimum in height.

      b.1. For Rural Mail Delivery. If mail is delivered by rural carrier the mail box owner or person responsible shall also place their house number (and street name if the box is off premise) on his/her mail box.  Note - HC or HCR numbers will no longer be used.

     c. Size and Color of Numbers. Numbers shall be displayed in a contrasting color and a minimum of four (4) inches in height, six (6) inch preferred, bold block type, and shall be plainly visible from the road when approaching from either direction. Note - in most cases brass, gold, silver or chrome numbers are not acceptable unless on very dark or black backgrounds. Reflective material is highly recommended.

     c.l. Numbers and road names on mail boxes not being used for building identification are not required to be four (4) inch in height. [off premise and/or multiple mail boxes]

     d. Every person whose duty it is to display the assigned numbers shall remove any and all different numbers that might be mistaken for, or confused with, the numbers assigned in conformance with this ordinance.

      e. Interior Location. All residents and other occupants are requested to post the assigned numbers and road name next to their telephone for emergency reference.

New Construction. Whenever any residence or other structure is constructed or developed it shall be the responsibility of the new owner to obtain an assigned number from the Owls Head Fire Dept. [Chief Frank Ross @ 207-594-4076]. Numbers shall be posted before occupancy of the building takes place.

911 Road Street Map

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