As World War II ended, Owls Head found itself with a moderate size airport in its midst. At the time, few people realized the impact this was to have, not only on the town itself, but also upon the surrounding midcoast area. In their recent book, "Homefront on Penobscot Bay" (1991), Merrriam, Molloy, and Sylvester relate the history of the airport in considerable and interesting detail, including some of the activities that revolved around it during the war years.

Apparently, there were a number of individuals in the Rockland area who had an avid interest in aviation as it began to develop, and by 1930 this had resulted in the establishment of the Curtiss-Wright airport at the site of the present South School and the adjoining athletic field. However, rapid advances in aviation technology soon made this field obsolete for commercial use, so in 1938 the New England Regional Planning Commission recommended it be upgraded. However, the impending threat of U.S. involvement in the war soon changed the scope and greatly accelerated the pace of the project.

In the interest of national defense, the federal government decided that a modem military airport was to be located in the general area. After studying a number of possible.

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