The summertime open car service to Crescent Beach was most popular. The electric line was organized originally in 1902 as the Rockland, South Thomaston and Owls Head Railway, with the line to Crescent Beach completed in 1905. The railway soon went into receivership and was reorganized in 1906 with power purchased and leased from the Rockland, Thomaston and Camden Line. Just two years later another new company was formed and service to So. Thomaston was completed in 1913-14.

On Sept. 3, 1914, a car left the tracks after crossing a trestle in Maloney's field, near Head-of- the Bay and overturned. One woman was killed instantly and several other persons injured. Ambitious plans to continue the line to Tenant's Harbor and thence to Port Clyde, never got off the ground, due to continued financial difficulties. The fatal accident also had much to do with the trolley line's going out of business for good in 1917-18, in terms of claims and increased operating costs.

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