There were at least six schools here when Owls Head separated from So. Thomaston: one at Ballyhac off the Dublin Rd.; one at Ash Point; one across from the present fire station; one at Ingraham's Hill and one at the Head-of-the-Bay which later became the Owls Head Grange Hall. The Timber Hill School near Crescent Beach was first sold to Uno livonen. Eventually the building was razed and a home built on the site by the late Lewis Yattaw. Nearby, a store called Timber Hill Market was operated in a building built by Walter and Joanna Yattaw. That market was on property that had been part of the Clyde Whitcher estate.

When the Central School was built in 1952 the three schools which had been in operation (Ash Point, Ingraham's Hill, and Timber Hill) were closed and sold. Jean and Bertram J. McClure lived in the Ingraham's Hill School with their two children, Gloria and Charles, sometime before 1953. Their daughter Heather who was born in 1953 was brought back to this home following her birth in Rockland. The McClure family lived there a year or so while their own home was being built next door on land purchased by his parents, Etta and Michael McClure. After the McClures moved out and sometime later, the building was used for storage until the roof collapsed during a heavy ice storm making it unusable from then on. Nothing remains of it today.

The school at Ash Point, owned by Hazel Learned Bohn of Albuquerque, NM was demolished by burning as a training practice in 1988 by the Owls Head Fire Department.

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