On the evening of October 10, 1927 a meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Joseph G. Maddocks for the purpose of forming a library association. Officers chosen to serve for a term of five years were: president, Mrs. Bertha Borgerson; vice-president, Henry E. White; secretary-treasurer, Miss Ella L. Maddocks and trustees, Vinal B. Perry, Allan B. Borgerson, and Parker S. Merriam. First Librarian was Mrs. Celia Leadbetter (mother of Wendell Leadbetter).

It was voted to name the association the Owls Head Village Library Association. Land was purchased from Henry E. White, pastor of the Baptist Church, for the sum of $50.00 with Vinal Perry chairman of the building committee and Mr. White as boss carpenter.

The building was constructed by the men of the community and contained a community  room and kitchen as well as the library section. Funds for the construction were raised through sales and suppers with many generous gifts of money also contributed by friends.

On February 4, 1928 the first library books were given out from the library building. Previously books had been distributed from what is now the Owls Head Post Office.

Miss Winifred Fitch served about 18 years as librarian retiring in 1967. Mrs. Alfred (Julie) Hill of Ash Point replaced Miss Fitch in 1968.  Mary Dyer replaced Mrs. Hill as librarian.  Mary Dyer, to whom the Children's Room is dedicated, took over the running of the library until around 1998.  At that point the reins were given to Deena Carafelli as librarian, who maintains that position today.

The library is open Saturdays (9am-5pm) and in season, May thru October, 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

The Owls Head Village Library continues to be a volunteer organization with a self checkout system.  They carry many Maine books, children's books, DVD's, large print books, biographies and have internet access for our patrons.  They do not charge late fees but ask that people respect the library materials and return them in a timely and good condition.

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