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Cemetery Committee

Cemetery Committee


The Owls Head Cemetery Committee’s mission is to conserve and protect town cemeteries for generations to come.


William “Bill” Gay, Chair
Cemetery Ordinances

Richard  "Dick" Carver
Research and Preservation

Lea Carver, Secretary
Cemetery Records and Preservation

Walter Guptill
Budget and Preservation

Heather Almquist
Mapping and Preservation

Cemetery Ordinance


Meeting times and locations will be posted on our Facebook page.


Owls Head Cemetary Committee Facebook page





1. Ingraham Cemetery (aka Don Wiley’s Field)
Located on the north side of Freedom Drive. Access and parking are on the north side of the road.
Ingraham Cemetery Transcription


2. Hall Cemetery (aka Ingraham Hill or Head of the Bay)
Located on the east side of Ingraham Drive (Route 73) at the junction of Dogwood Lane near Head of the Bay. Access is through Dogwood Lane. There is parking for one vehicle.
Hall Cemetery Transcription

3. MacPhail Cemetery (aka Hix, New Yard)
Located on Dogwood Lane, off Route 73, behind the Hall Cemetery. There is parking for one vehicle on the property. See Hall Cemetery.
MacPhail Cemetery Transcription

Goulding-Cemetery-scaled - Copy

4. Goulding Cemetery
Located off Route 73, behind the Hall Cemetery and abutting the southern end of MacPhail Cemetery. Private property. No access.
Goulding Cemetery Transcription

Jewish-Cemetery-scaled - Copy

5. Adas Yoshuron Cemetery
Located on the east side of Route 73, about 0.25 miles north of North Shore Drive. The cemetery abuts Hall Cemetery. Private. Maintained by the Adas Yoshuron Cemetery Association.
Adas Yoshuron Cemetery Transcription

Cooper-Cemetery-2-scaled - Copy

6. Cooper Cemetery
Located on the east side of Oak Run, off North Shore Drive. There is a right-of-way to the cemetery between houses #6 and #8, to the right of the hedge on #6’s property. There is no designated parking.
Cooper Cemetery Transcription (with Genealogy)

Merriman-Cemetery-scaled - Copy - Copy (2)

7. Merriman Cemetery (aka Lighthouse)
Located on the west side of the Owls Head Light State Park entrance road. There is no parking.
Merriman Cemetery Transcription

Evergreen-scaled - Copy

8. Evergreen Cemetery
Located at the end of Evergreen Lane (off South Shore Drive, across from the General Store). There is an access road and limited parking.
Evergreen Cemetery Transcription

Holiday-Beach-scaled - Copy

9. Holiday Beach Cemetery
Located on South Shore Drive at the corner of Hendrickson Point Road. Parking is on the side of Hendrickson Point Road.
Holiday Beach Cemetery Transcription

Rose-Hill-Cemetery-scaled - Copy

10. Rose Hill Cemetery

Located at the end of Knoll Road, off South Shore Drive. There is an access road and limited parking.
Rose Hill Cemetery Transcription

Ginn-Cemetery-scaled-e1670089024522 - Copy

11. Ginn Point Cemetery
Located on the west side of Ginn Point Road. There is an access road and limited parking.
Ginn Point Cemetery Transcription

Ash Point

12. Ash Point Cemetery

Located on the west side of Ash Point Drive, at approximately #439. There is an access road and limited parking.
Ash Point Cemetery Transcription

Owls-Head-Cemetery-scaled - Copy

13. Owls Head Cemetery (aka Airport, Town)
Located at the corner of Ash Point Road and Dublin Road. There is an access road and limited parking.
Owls Head Cemetery Transcription


14. Philbrook Lot
Located off Route 73 down Great Marsh Lane on private property.
Philbrook Cemetery Transcription


15. Sleeper Cemetery
Located on the east side of Birchmont Road off South Shore Drive. There is currently no access.
Sleeper Cemetery


16. Will Family Cemetery
Located off South Shore Drive (in Cripple Creek area) on private land.
Will Family Cemetery Transcription

NEWS & EVENTSCemetery Book
Owls Head Cemetery Directory $25
160 pages of information about all 16 cemeteries in OH (Adas Yoshuron too) • Transcriptions from every headstone to date and NEW information about 80+ unmarked burials • Genealogical information has been included for several cemeteries such as the Cooper, Rose Hill, Sleeper, Merriman, and Philbrook cemeteries • A comprehensive list of all known veterans buried in town and their service information • An “every name” index including maiden names • The most accurate/ comprehensive list of Owls Head light keepers is also included (6 keepers are buried in Owls Head)
To purchase a book online go to
Or call Carolyn Philbrook: 593-2667

For news and volunteer opportunities, please follow us on Facebook.

Town Votes to Acquire Owls Head (aka Airport) Cemetery
At the August 28, 23  at the Owls Head Town Meeting the Town voted to purchase the Owls Head (aka Airport) Cemetery for $21,000.  The cemetery lies on 2.16 acres of land that were leased from Knox County in 1995 for 99 years (until 2094). The purchase will save the town tens of thousands of dollars.

Town Votes to Assume Merriman (aka Lighthouse) Cemetery

At the August 28, 23 Owls Head Town Meeting voters approved assuming responsibility for the long-neglected Merriman (aka Lighthouse) Cemetery. Costs to the town include minimal legal fees for deed research, which have already been incurred, and future mowing. The OHCC is planning a conservation project there to repair and reset the headstones in 2024/25.

Preservation Work at Holiday Beach Cemetery

Led by conservator Joe Ferannini of Grave Stone Matters, we are conducting a multi-year preservation project at Holiday Beach Cemetery.  We began in July with two days of cleaning headstones. Over 4 days this fall, we worked on 32 gravestones and reset 5-foot stones, but there is still much to do and we will resume work in the spring of 2023. During our work this year, we identified over 100 unmarked graves through dowsing and marked the locations of all marked and unmarked graves using GPS. A map of the cemetery is forthcoming. Little is known about the history of Holiday Beach Cemetery. If you know of someone buried at Holiday Beach, or in any of our cemeteries in an unmarked grave, please contact us through email or on Facebook.

heather-with-stones-225x300  stone-fill-204x300 Thirza-186x300


Flag Protocol

We adhere to the U.S. Flag Code (Title 1, Chapter 4) and exceptions made by the U.S. Cemetery Association, allowing flags to be flown at night without lights during specific holiday periods, including Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Placing and removing flags for these holidays is also environmentally conscious and fiscally responsible. The flags are safely stored at the town office and kept in good condition so that they can be reused year after year. We welcome volunteers to help place and remove flags over the Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.

The Cemetery Committee strives to acknowledge all veterans buried in Owls Head. Kindly contact us if you know of a veteran buried here without a flag or medallion.

SEARCH Veterans Graves


Please call the Owls Head Town Office at (207) 594-7434. The Owls Head (“Airport”) Cemetery is the only one available for new burials.

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